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PlayStation Home footage is beta-than Second Life

Kevin Kelly

If we weren't excited enough about PlayStation Home before, we certainly are now. It's a week of leaked beta footage, and although you might not think it was possible ... this is even cooler looking than Bungie's baby (please don't kill us).

The graphics in this look pretty sweet, and make us believe that something like Snow Crash might actually be possible one day. The in-game PSP interface is pretty swanky as well, and we were able to glean a few things off of the tiny text, which required much squinting and gave us some Dead Rising flashbacks.

Besides the Evac arcade game seen being played in this footage (which looks new ... and reminiscent of Choplifter), we also noticed the following pieces of information on the in-game PSP:
  • In-game phone calls will be featured
  • Open Beta: July 2007
  • Launch: October 2007
  • There is possibly a chess game coming, if we're reading some of the text right
Eagle-eyed viewers are invited to try and glean other information from that text. Watch it quick before it gets yanked.

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