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SOCOM: Tactical Strike unveiled


The SOCOM series has found a great deal of success on PSP. The Fireteam Bravo series have pushed the limits of Infrastructure play on the handheld. Now, Sony's taking the series in a bold new direction. Tactical Strike adds tactical strategy to the franchise. According to IGN, "Tactical Strike is something of a cross between Full Spectrum Warrior and the squad command element from Brother in Arms. You're in command of four soldiers broken into two smaller fire teams, and you're able to issue commands to either team, an individual soldier or all four guys at the same time."

The game promises to offer as much action as the rest of the series. The franchise is famous for its online play, and Tactical Strike looks to continue the trend: four players can control four soldiers each via Infrastructure. One of the most exciting aspects of the title has to be its visuals: the incredible amount of foliage and impressive lighting make it look like one of the most impressive SOCOM games, on console or handheld.

Tactical Strike is scheduled for an October release. Check out IGN for more details.

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