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Found Footage: AT&T's Stan Sigman gifts iPhone at West Texas A&M


As noted earlier tonight, there seems to be at least one iPhone in the wild. TUAW is pleased to bring you this exclusive video from our agent-on-the-spot Mikal. Today, Stan Sigman, CEO of AT&T Wireless (Cingular), was the commencement speaker at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. Sigman, who is a 1970 grad, gifted WTAMU president Dr. J. Patrick O'Brien with what appears to be the "first iPhone in Texas".

Mikal's friend shot this footage on his Treo. The sound is a bit hard to follow but you can hear the bit about the iPhone if you listen carefully. Canyon, Texas is home to about 12,000 people--most of whom would love to receive a free iPhone but apparently only about .0083% of the town got their wish today.

"This next ?announcement? may interest you more than anything...(unintelligible)...The first ?regulation? iPhone in the state of Texas is in the hands of Dr. O'Brien of West Texas A&M University. (applause) So, if you don't remember a word I've said and someone asks you about your graduation, you can say...(unintelligible)"

Update: TUAW Reader John A of WTAMU sent in this much better video. Thank yous to John A, Mikal and Mikal's friend.

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