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Is Stan Sigman handing out iPhones?


We got a hot tip on the TUAW line this evening from our loyal correspondent Mikal... he writes:

On May 12, Stan Sigman, CEO of AT&T Wireless (Cingular), was the commencement speaker at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas. He graduated from WTAMU in 1970. He spoke at 2 ceremonies. Readers may remember him from the iPhone Keynote. He was the awkward one with the notecards. The big news is that he presented the president of WTAMU, Dr. O'Brien, with what he claimed was "the first iPhone in Texas." Dr. O'Brien even held the iPhone up for the crowd to see at the ceremonies. I have a friend who works at the event center where the ceremonies were held who was running sound for both occasions. He took a video with his Treo that he is going to give me as soon as he gets done at the ceremonies. Obviously it will not be the best quality video, but I will submit a link to it whenever I receive it later today.

If Sigman is really handing out iPhones to friends and colleagues... well, he's a good man to get to know. And "Dr O'Brien" has a serious eBay opportunity on his hands. The video is up now.

Thanks Mikal!

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