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PTR notes: You got your felhunter in my windserpent!


A humorous little bug on the PTR has hunter and warlocks spinning. It seems that while implementing the new feature where pets will despawn when on a flying mount and respawn on landing, the pets have somehow gotten horribly confused and have ended up with the wrong person. Not too bad when it's two people of the same class, but hunters have been coming up with warlock pets and warlocks have suddenly discovered they have a frostsaber.

Even more awesome, the pets are apparently usable. A mage reported being killed by a felguard with Bestial Wrath. Warlocks are able to keep cats on their victims while dotting them up. This is madness!

I presume this bug will be fixed by the time the patch comes out, though I'm kind of hoping it isn't. The confusion it would cause would almost be worth the forum complaining ...

What do you think about this bug?

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