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Rock Band's peripheral prices in focus testing


Time to get serious about pricing with the Rock Band peripherals. We hope to find out soon if a Rock Band funding jar needs to be set next to the PS3 jar. As we reported earlier this week, the sticker price of Rock Band currently on Gamestop's website, including all peripherals, rings up to between $300 - $350 USD. Although some make the arguement that you're only supposed to pick one peripheral and then the price isn't so bad, we prefer to get our games "whole," with the option of inviting friends, sorority houses and/or The Osmonds over to play.

GameSpot reports that focus testing is currently being done to see where consumers will find "the price is right." Their "reliable" source says the focus-group was asked if a Rock Band bundle package with "a wireless guitar, a drum kit and a microphone" would be reasonable at $200. The idea wasn't "terribly popular." Around the $150 mark is where the focus-group apparenly got on the bus to funkytown. A Harmonix representative admits to the testing and told GameSpot, "We are conducting consumer focus groups for Rock Band but have not finalized any pricing or packaging details. Any speculation at this point is just that -- speculation."

Part of the focus testing also involved discussion over a Wii version of Rock Band, although Xbox 360 and PS3 are the only two systems currently slated. Either way, $200 or $150 for a bundle that includes Rock Band and 3 of the 4 peripherals isn't so awful. That second guitar missing from the bundle may or may not be a controversial added buy, but we still need to wait and hear official word. Still, $200 and under is a far less jagged little pill to swallow than the "estimated" $300 that Gamestop continues to list.

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