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Folding@home on Xbox 360 under consideration


There's no question that the PS3 version of the Folding@home project has been an unbridled technological success, not to mention a public relations boost for Sony. Folding@home on the PS3 has more than doubled the overall computational power of the distributed supercomputer in terms of raw Teraflops, and given PS3 owners the chance to increase the warmth and fuzziness factor that comes from aiding medical research. Peter Moore of Microsoft has gone on record by saying that the Xbox 360 could also join the project, although he made sure to include a jibe at Microsoft's primary competitor by mentioning the 360's much larger install base, and quoting Xbox 360 processor's "equal power to the PS3." He even went so far as to cast doubt regarding the value of the 250,000 currently registered PS3's on the program, saying that "we'll continue to look at this and see whether there's real value." We're forced to ask: how is this kind of attitude in aid of the project? By reducing something as noble as the Folding@home project to a PR battle, Moore's indication sounds bitter and petty. He might as well have said, "ok, we'll fight disease, but only 'cause the Xbox 360 is better than the PS3." The irony is, it probably isn't.

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