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New Zune sports Halo 3 branding

Justin McElroy

When we saw the Halo 3 bubble shield, all we could think of was the music of Dashboard Confessional. In much the same way that the shield protects from assault rifles and plasma grenades, the heartfelt music and lyrics of singer-songwriter Chris Carrabba help protect us from the assaults of being scorned by the opposite sex and parents who just don't get it.

Now, in an deliciously odd crossover, we can actually listen to the soothing sounds of DashConfess (a name, like Brocktoon, only used by fans) on a Zune we spotted at the NYC Halo 3 event that features imagery from the game! Count "a lack of corporate corporate synergy in our lives" as one fewer thing we need Dashboard Confessional's music to protect us from. We don't know when the gadget will be available, only that it can't come soon enough.

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