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Cut-rate cases at Circuit City

Eric Caoili

Looking for a decent case to clothe your DS Lite with, but not willing to spend more than a few bucks? Even if you lack the craft skills to create one from scratch, there's still hope for you frugal folks.

Circuit City has thrown Intec's DS Lite Ultimate Leather cases into the bargain bin, selling the magnetic clasping cover for $2.99. You could probably buy one with just the change you'd find on the electronics retailer's parking lot or in its pay phone coin returns. Try not to be too obvious about it though. You'll look like a homeless vagrant foraging for pennies, and the store manager might call the cops to escort you off the property.

Intec's cases come in white, pink, black, blue, blue, and camo, some of these colors having "Crocco" variations or only being available with the crocodile texture. The sale is available both in-store and online, but much like Nerf's DS Lite Armor, the styles are shipped randomly. Even the vagabonds will point and laugh if you come around with the pink, crocodile-leather case that you'll inevitably get after ordering from Circuit City's site.

[Via CAG]

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