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MacFusion: a GUI for MacFUSE

Mat Lu

We mentioned MacFUSE many times here on TUAW. It's a very cool utility (from Amit Singh at Google) which brings the Linux FUSE project to the Mac for easily expanding file system support (for more background on Singh and MacFUSE check out this interview at IT Conversation). Unfortunately, however, MacFUSE is a rather geeky project that requires some command line chops to get things going. That's where MacFusion comes in, as a GUI front-end for MacFUSE that puts easy access to MacFUSE network mounts in your menubar. It's still early in development but it will already "show a Secure Shell or Secure FTP share from another computer on your macs desktop, letting you manipulate the files on it as if they were on your own computer. MacFusion can also do the same for any File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server, giving read/write FTP in the finder for the first time!"

Of course you'll need to install MacFUSE first, then download MacFusion and install it as a normal application. MacFusion is free and open source.

[via Daring Fireball]

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