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'Next-gen' Wolfenstein resurfaces with 2008 release


After falling off radar for a little over a year, the "next-gen" version of Wolfenstein continues development with a 2008 release date attached to it. Announced back in 2005, the game was expected last year and just sorta disappeared. Now a random story by a Wisconsin television station about motion capture technology brings news that the game isn't complete vaporware and developer Raven Software (Marvel Ultimate Alliance) is still working on it.

The focus of the news piece is the actress Raven Software hired to play "an elite force assassin" in the game. The actress, Carrie Coon, will have her face scanned for use in the game. Femme fatales always make a game better, just ask Ada Wong (Resident Evil) or Mona Sax (Max Payne). Well, we hope that the game will get a real name soon and some screens to go with the official announcement. With any luck the title won't disappear for another year -- we need more WWII based, Nazi killin', first-person shooters!

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