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Nintendo Wii takes Engadget Awards

Jason Wishnov

Nintendo Wii Fanboy is related, in an odd sort of second-cousin once-removed kind of way, to the hyper-popular Engadget, which like totally everyone reads all the time forever. As such, their annual Engadget awards are nothing to sneeze at, and so we look with great pride (we helped, after all) at their selections for 2k6. Let's take a glance at the honors:

  • Reader's Choice: Most Innovative Peripheral
  • Reader's Choice: Game Console of the Year
  • Editor's Choice: Game Console of the Year
  • Reader's Choice: Gadget of the Year (!!!)
  • Editor's Choice: Gadget of the Year (!!!)
Yeah, that's right. That means the Wii pretty much wins at life. It's quite a series of awards, but which console will take home 2007? It may come down to one showdown: Halo 3 vs. Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Which will suck up more of the average gamer's free time? Bring it, Chiefy.

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