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Pardon me, sir, but may I have this Rugged Hide?


At level 55, I've finally realized that blacksmithing is not a good profession option for a prot/holy paladin, and is instead a voracious money pit. So I've decided to level up skinning instead to make some epic flying mount cash for my main. After an hour or so spent grinding in Durotar and the Barrens, I headed off to STV, hoping that the area's massive population of 30something beasts would provide my knife with some good fodder.

It was there that I learned that skinning is a great profession for lazy people. I could find a trail of dead mobs, skin them all, and find the original slayer. If it was a Hordie, I would ask permission to skin their kills. If it was a lowbie Alliance, well ... I'd help them by assisting with their mobs, but if they slowed down, I'd start /tapping my foot ... or whack them a couple of times with my sword to encourage them to get moving. There was something funny, in a sadistic way, about using level 38s as slave labor.

I've never had a problem with people getting angry at me for skinning their kills, mostly because I only skin abandoned corpses. Ganarch has been yelled at for skinning abandoned corpses, though, which makes me feel there should be some guide to skinning etiquette. Do you mind if someone skins your kills? What if they're from the other faction?

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