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RIM: we'll have WiFi BlackBerrys this year

Chris Ziegler

Perhaps the biggest gem to come out RIM's Wireless Enterprise Symposium held earlier this month in Orlando, Senior Vice President David Yach let it slip that the company's first WiFi-capable handsets will launch in the second half of 2007. While pointing out that most of its rivals are owning RIM in the WiFi category, he said that the integration isn't great and RIM had been holding off on adding the feature until they could get it to the point that it would "just work." He goes on to say that WiFi will be used as an alternative when cell coverage isn't available -- and that carrier cooperation has been necessary -- suggesting that VoIP will be a focus. Frankly, RIM, as long as you hold out on delivering 3G to your throngs of AT&T and T-Mobile customers, we'll take all the WiFi we can get.

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