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Are these Motorola's 2007 iDEN handsets?

Chris Ziegler

Chugging along in its own little world as the patron saint of push-to-talk, somewhat isolated from the ever-constant wars that plague the world's mega-standards GSM and CDMA, lies iDEN. Though Sprint's looking to deep-six iDEN in the long term here in the States with a fleet of hybrid devices, there are plenty of iDEN networks around the globe that require a steady supply of handsets -- handsets that don't necessarily have to go toe-to-toe with the hottest that GSM and CDMA have to offer, but, you know, they can't look like DynaTACs, either. On that note we present this grainy photo, apparently taken at a presentation for an Israeli iDEN carrier, that appears to detail two unreleased handsets. One of them (the one on the right, we're guessing) is said to be the successor to the high-end i880. For such a niche technology, we've gotta say we're pretty impressed at Motorola's investment into updated models here.

[Thanks, Ishay P.]

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