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Blizzpagewatch: Day 3

Eliah Hecht
Save has been updated again, showcasing the third of Blizzard's three main game worlds (days one and two were Warcraft I/II and Diablo). I keep trying to peek ahead by seeing if there's a "day4.jpg" on Blizzard's server, but all I get are pretty 404s. StarCraft is the series that is getting the most attention as far as speculation goes, although theories vary as to whether it'll be an RTS or an MMO. It's been longer since there was a new StarCraft game (nine years since Brood War) than for any other series, and fan demand is very very high for a StarCraft 2. Heck, I don't even really like RTSes and I'd line up for a midnight release of SC2, without a doubt. Four more days until we know what this really is. ("Eliah taps his foot. Hurry up already!")

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