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Guildwatch: Stripped bare

Mike Schramm

Getting your toon stripped to his undies is bad enough, but what happens when your guildies do it to you? That's what happened in the picture above-- click the link below to read more in this week's Guildwatch.

And don't forget, the only way we get all this drama, downing, and recruiting in one place is via your tips-- send them in ASAP to And if you don't, be careful. Your bags just may end up full of junk!


  • Merger: Veiled Shadows was supposed to merge with Midian on Aman'Thul-H, but apparently things haven't gone as planned. Raiders have all joined the right guild, but casuals have split off and formed Rum N Drunks. A few former officers aren't real happy about that.
  • If there's one thing that a guild can't seem to handle well, it's having the GM up and leave. That's what happened to Piracy on Area 52-H. The GM ditched and his second-in-command is apparently excluding people from raids, even spinning it to make it seem like someone else caused the excluding. It's caused a few guildies to just give up and join the casual guild Steve (winner, by the way, of this week's Best Guild Name award!).
  • Some guilds just attract the drama-- here's yet another report from Gnome Ravagers on Terenas-H: "That returning player who called shotgun has caused two gquits that I'm aware of, and I know two more who are thinking about it. Interestingly enough, he has since quit himself, sighting lack of guild raid potential as his reason. He was also talking about leaving with another officer to make their own word on whether or not that second officer has decided for or against that idea though. " Sigh. At what point do you just choose to disband a bad guild?
  • This is interesting, and it probably will be helpful for fans of our Officer's Quarters column-- a group of guildleaders from Blizzard's Guild Relations forum are planning a Ventrilo get-together to chat, commiserate and discuss good guild leadership. Date hasn't been set yet, but they're looking at the afternoon of Sunday, May 27th. Good luck, hopefully good things will come out of it.
  • From Age of Redemption on Drenden, one of the sweeter tales of vengeance drama. One of the guild's tanks unexpectedly quit the guild without a warning or goodbye, but one of his guildies had his account information, and gutted the warrior (you can see the hilarious/sad/scary results above). After a little forums drama (which has since been deleted-- apparently Blizzard's CMs don't have the taste for drama that you and I do), the warrior posted he has since settled his differences and is back with the guild. Hopefully, they helped him get some of his equipment back..
  • Diener der Elemente, a German guild on EU Bael'gun-A (their name means "Servants of Elements") announces that they've dropped Attumen within their first two hours in Karazhan. Grats!
  • FOEHAMMER on Skullcrusher-H (I'm not sure if their name is in all caps or not, but it should be) has driggidy-dropped Moroes and Maiden this week.
  • And my guild, Gothic Bunnies (<3 Belacroix!), has finished off Curator and the Chess Event. Shade of Aran is next, but we're still learning the chant.
  • Astral Order on Eldre'Thalas-A has gotten Maiden to 75% and will get her down any day now. Meanwhile, they're looking for some more help, especially a good shaman and a few raiding rogues and hunters.
  • Primal Devolution of Stormrage-H dropped Gruul for a Horde first on the server! Awesome! They're also looking to invite two more mages.
  • Afro Ninjas on Dethecus-A is looking for all classes 65 and up. They say that "if you hear a ninja.... it's probably the last thing you'll ever hear."
  • Travelers of Orgrimmar on Windrunner-H is recruiting casual adult players 60-70 to raid with them weeknights and weekends. Contact GM Aserak for more info.
  • Ages on Blackhand-A wants a few to help them out on High King Maulgar. Specifically they want Prot warriors, Non-Paladin healers, Warlocks, Hunters, and Mages. They raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and on weekends I guess they get a little crazy: last weekend, they held a "Gold Spam Drinking Game." I leave it to you to imagine what that must be like.
  • Drachaean Order on Hellscream-A is looking for all classes, with a focus on some extra healers.
  • Argent Exodus on Steamwheedle Cartel-A needs some help with DPS heading into SSC-- yup, they've already finished Kara and Gruul and are heading towards the realm of Vashj, looking for a few good mages and locks along the way.
Not a lot of recruiting notices this week-- could it be that the guilds have settled down into some solid groups? If that's not true for you, we can help. Sending a recruiting notice (or drama tips or downed notices) to Until next week, happy raiding!

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