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HP rolls out budget-priced HP 530 laptops


HP may have let loose most of its new laptops in one fell swoop during the Santa Rosa madness last week, but it looks like it still has a few stragglers to push out the door, introducing a pair of budget-priced models in its new HP 530 series today (a follow-up to the 510). True to their budget nature, these two miss out on the Santa Rosa upgrade, although that adherence to yesterday's tech will at least save you quite a bit of cash. On the lowest of the low end, the $549 GH635AT model packs a 1.46GHz Celeron M 410 processor, Intel's 940GML Express chipset, 802.11b/g WiFi, and a DVD/CD-RW combo drive. Dropping $699 for the GH640AT model will upgrade that to a 1.6GHz T2050 Core Duo processor, Intel's 945GM Express chipset, 802.11a/b/g WiFi, a dual-layer DVD burner, and Windows Vista Business (as opposed to Home Basic). Both laptops are otherwise identical, packing the same 15.4-inch WXGA display, 512MB RAM (expandable to 2GB), and 80GB hard drive. If that'll do, you should soon be able to snag either one of these laptops from all the usual HP resellers.

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