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Mad Catz producing Halo 3 merchandise


Mad Catz could have just sent out a release saying, "We like Halo 3 if you please, we like Halo 3 if you don't please. Now we lookin' over our new contract here, and we realize making money off this is very clear." Sadly, all they said was "Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. ... has entered into a multi-year agreement with Microsoft to produce faceplates featuring characters from the highly-anticipated Halo 3 video game." That could have been jazzed up a little.

Mad Catz expects the faceplates and accessories to be available at most major retailers before Halo 3's launch. Currently there are no images of the products, so we're just going to have to wait and see what Mad Catz has in mind for these faceplates.

[Via Xbox360Fanboy]

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