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Parappa designer raps PS3 for being 'too big', plans Wii game


In what's either a stunning triumph of naiveté or a startling display of practical knowledge, Parappa the Rapper creator, Masaya Matsuura, has opined that the PlayStation 3's sluggish sales in Japan are largely to blame on its physical size. Speaking to GamesIndustry.Biz at the Nordic Game Conference (they have those, you know), Matsuura describes Sony's black behemoth as being "too big for the Japanese."

It's not the only technological powerhouse having trouble finding a home -- the Xbox 360's critical flaw is "not the size of the hardware but of the AC adapter." Matsuura's obsession with size doesn't extend to his Wii though, as he's currently planning a title for Nintendo's comparatively diminutive box. He calls it a "very good piece of hardware," noting that the unique controls pose quite a challenge from the designer's point of view. He confidently asserts that development on the game begins "soon,maybe."

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