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Xbox 360 HD DVD player auto-updated

Those of you with Xbox 360 HD DVD drives may have noticed a quick auto-update was available for the unit as of early this morning. Don't watch high definition movies before you go to work in the morning you say? Your priorities are all messed up, we say.

To be honest, the update was quite esoteric, improving title compatibility (for CAT1 and CAT2 titles?), adding audio codec transcoding (WMA Pro is the VC1 of audio codecs?), improving network support (there was network support?), and the requisite bug squashing and performance improvements. The wonks at AVS Forums are busy poring over the update, debating the relative merits of this audio codec to that audio codec, so head over there if you're so inclined. We just hope our copies of The Matrix Trilogy -- well, the first one at least -- play flawlessly when they drop later this month.

[Via X3F]

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