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Amp'd Mobile handset prices take a hike

Brian White

Picked up a new Amp'd Mobile handset recently? Notice anything about the price? If you've mulled an Amp'd purchase recently but just plunked down your cash for one in recent days, you may have seen that you paid a little more for it than you would have last month. That's because Amp'd recently hiked the price on all five of the handset models is currently offers for sale. Now, some of the Moto RAZR prices only increased $20, but the Moto Q went from $100 to $220 -- quite a lift. With Amp'd hovering near 200,000 subscribers, will these increases dent that projection a bit? Those price increases might do that if all those soon-to-be customers choose the Q -- but don't want to pay Amp'd $220 for it with the Q9 to come sometime soon (we hope).

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