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Bomberman Live explodes onto XBLA this summer


Following the Australian rating and the leaked video, Hudson Entertainment finally announced Bomberman Live is coming to XBLA this summer. The title will sport an "HD makeover" and 8-player online support. Along with the very robust online multiplayer, players will have full customization of their Bomberman -- now don't ruin this moment by microtransactioning us for costumes Hudson!

This may finally erase all memories of Bomberman: Act Zero from our minds. And in what's sure to make a lot of gamers happy, not only will you be able to play online, but Bomberman Live will also allow for 4-player local action. It's the full package. No word on price yet. Definitely looking forward to gussied up classic Bomberman action over Xbox Live with seven other people. Nothing wrong with that.

[Via Press Release]

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