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Flickr upload Automator action 1.0

David Chartier

It's been a while since we've hit the Automator beat; too long, in my opinion. And what better way to bring everyone's favorite little automate-able robot back into the TUAW spotlight than with the Flickr upload Automator action from James Pitts? After some simple instructions for installing, this action is prime for all sorts of image-related workflows, such as a Folder Action that allows you to drop pictures onto a folder to simultaneously add them to iPhoto, Aperture and Flickr (with tags) - all without lifting a finger (well, that is, if you don't count the original finger you had to lift to drop the photos on the folder in the first place).

I ran into a catch getting this installed, however: following James' instructions to the letter, I couldn't get Automator to see the action when I installed it for all users - it would only work when installed in my own user's Home directory. That isn't too big of a deal, personally, since I'm the only user on my machine, but I figured this was worth noting for those who work on multi-user Macs.

James Pitts provides his Flickr upload Automator action with instructions for free at his blog.

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