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Halo 3 beta absent, internet explodes

Justin McElroy

After months of waiting, Halo 3 fans are now being rewarded with ... more waiting. Those who got into the beta by purchasing Crackdown were supposed to be able to begin downloading at 8 a.m. today but, as of 9:40 am EST, still have not been able to start the download. Those accessing the beta through other methods are unaffected. Bungie's Frankie is already on the case, saying "We have alerted the appropriate Live authorities and they are taking care of the problem as we speak. More news as it comes in."

Does that matter to the internet though? No. The internet, angered at having woken so early needlessly, is super pissed. One former fan on an official Bungie thread wrote "EVEYONE JUST PLAY GEARS..................FORGET BUNGIE" and that was when the demo was 1 hour and 8 minutes late. Man, that's cold. At this rate, in just a few short hours, they'll be screaming, "EVEYONE JUST PLAY BULLIT WHICH..................FORGET BUNGIE," and so on. They'll be lucky if anybody's left to play the thing when it finally appears.

Update: A fix is on the way.

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