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The Northrend map forgery

Amanda Rivera

Wowguru has recently posted a highly realistic-looking map of Northrend. When I last wrote about the expansion of the map of Azeroth and Northrend's likelihood as an expansion, Kor was kind enough to scan his copy of the Lands of Mystery RPG book for us.

If you compare the two images, you'll see a lot of discrepancies between the two. Cities seem misaligned or completely missing. Also, this map makes it appear as if there will be two large cities, centers for two possible races, which isn't likely either.

This map could be a fake, or it could be a mock up for developer use while they finalize the layout of the continent. The fonts do look a bit off from the maps currently in the game, and there appear to be reused images in the corners, which again points to something shady. I'm just as excited as anyone for information on the upcoming expansion. I just don't think this is it.

[via Wowguru]

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