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Alienware's Hangar 18 HTPC to launch this month?

Darren Murph

Ever since Alienware's Hangar 18 popped out of hiding at CES, we haven't really heard mention of the name again -- until now, that is. Apparently, the company is planning to launch the Hangar 18 HD Entertainment Center "this week," but unfortunately, no specifics beyond that were doled out. In an interview with Bryan de Zayas, consumer segment marketing manager, and Marc Diana, desktop product marketing manager, it was noted that the firm was heading in a more "design-focused" direction, and while neither would discuss pricing, it was insinuated that base figures may not be as high as anticipated. Of course, this is Alienware we're talking about, so if you've been dreaming of a Hangar 18, there's purportedly just a few days left to scrounge up pennies from underneath stale cushions.

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