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Ignored island politician lumps V-Tech Rampage with GTA IV


State Senator Andew Lanza (R) of Staten Island, chair of the New York Senate's Task Force on Youth Violence and the Entertainment Industry , has publicly come out against video game V-Tech Rampage saying, "There are certain things in life you don't make light of and should not be turning into a game ... It's not a game, it's a tremendous loss of life."

He hopes that the title stays on the fringe and in a classic moment of ignorance asks that the game be shunned by retailers, manufacturers and website hosts. And we're back to square one of politicians not knowing the difference between independent and industry games.

Lanza goes on to say, "You've got Grand Theft Auto where you murder police officers ... To me, I can't imagine people marketing and distributing it, and putting it in the hands of kids, but it's happening." Of course, Rockstar has already weighed in about how much stock they put into what anybody from Staten Island says by just not inlcluding the landmass in GTA IV.

[Via GamePolitics]

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