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LoPresti's CLEARBLUE Bluetooth headset for pilots: roger, Roger


We're not going to pretend to know the first thing about cockpit communications. Still, given our experiences with janky Bluetooth gear, we're feeling a bit uneasy about the new CLEARBLUE bluetooth headset for pilots. Developed by LoPresti, the device is said to automatically prioritize communications between four simultaneously connected devices: 1) ATC/Radios (highest priority), 2) Intercom, 3) Cellphone (is that even legal?), and 4) the iPod. Apparently, the system will be ready later this year and is designed to work with LoPresti's Fury aircraft which uses the iPod as both an in-flight entertainment system and -- get this -- the flight data recorder. We know what you're thinking, "surely they can't be serious." They are, now quit calling us Shirley.

[Via Bluetooth Source]

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