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Microsoft stands by their HD DVD man


Five months after it happened, Microsoft has finally decided to quell rumors of a Blu-ray player for Xbox 360. Way back in January in an interview with ITmedia, Peter Moore of Microsoft was quoted as supporting Blu-ray if HD DVD met an untimely end. It seemed like a shocking, but reasonable, statement at the time. Now Microsoft's GamerScoreBlog has decided to finally put an end to the speculation which has allegedly grown since the statements were made.

GamerScoreBlog says, "Some online media outlets have picked up this story and are citing Internet speculation of an alleged Associated Press story that does not exist, along with comments taken out of context from a story in ITmedia that appeared back in January. This information is being reported as news and as a result of a recent interview, neither of which are true."

So there we have it. Microsoft and Xbox are sticking by HD DVD and say they are "fully committed." But like any good public relationship we have no idea what's going on behind the scenes. The abuse, the lies, the heavy drinking. Maybe one day Microsoft will have the strength to finally fight back against HD DVD in the back of a limo and go find Blu-ray. Only time will tell.

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