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Puzzle Fighter to be priced the same for Xbox Live, PSN

Ross Miller

It wasn't easy getting Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, according to Capcom's Sr. Director of Strategic Planning & Research Christian Svensson. "It requires considerable coordination," he said in an interview with Gamasutra, "but we've been working closely with Sony and Microsoft, and they both agree with our strategy."

In terms of price, Svensson said that they will likely be identical for both platforms. "We're offering the same value as far as the type of content, so it only stands to reason," he said. "If the timing's the same, and if the content is the same, pricing should probably be the same."

Svensson added that multplatform releases, even in the real of downloadable content, would be Capcom's primary focus, but that console-specific content might happen. "Are there exclusive content deals that could be struck? Possibly," he said.

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