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Reflections on Tseric

Amanda Rivera

Tseric has left Blizzard. While we don't know officially why he is gone, we can make a pretty strong guess. We do know that he was under a huge amount of stress, and even at one point argued with a forum poster with what I consider to be completely eloquent language. The last time we see him on the forums was that very same day. In the last post he left on the forums, posters were mercilessly taunting him. His reply that Sunday morning was simple, short, and more than slightly bitter:

I'm sure you all think you're hilarious in your own space/mind.

Get off my internet.


I have worked as a customer service rep before, and it was the worst time of my life. I cannot fathom why people consider CMs worthy of the kind of horrendous diatribes they receive. It's as if as soon as you try to serve the customers they stop seeing you as a person yourself. I lasted eight months, Tseric was at it for over two years. In my case, I was a faceless phone rep, but he didn't have the benefit of that anonymity. Still, he had more strength of character, more resolve, more actual patience than people will ever give him credit for.

We forget that the moderators of the forums have blood and bones and hearts just like we do. We forget that they started working for Blizzard because of their love of the game, and they became CMs for the love of the players. The unending waves of insults and taunting wore at Tseric, until his humanity outweighed his patience. I hope that whoever steps into his shoes is half the man he is.

Thank you, Tseric, your voice on the forums will be greatly missed.

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