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Today in Joystiq: May 17, 2007

Ross Miller

The appropriately-named Albert Art sent us a collection of some of his videogame-themed art. Though we do like the one where Mega-Man's dog Rush leaves his owner a power pellet, we love the look on the lower slime's face as his bigger sibling gets stabbed (and ultimately, multiplies). Check out the highlights for today:

Sony Gamers Day
Joystiq hands-on with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Joystiq hands-on with Heavenly Sword
Joystiq hands-on with LittleBigPlanet

Off the Grid reviews some Cheapass Games
Scratch teaches game programming, commenting etiquette
Today's most is-it-Halo-yet video: Red vs Blue orientation

High Velocity Bowling is ... bowling its way onto PS3
Folklore journeys from the Netherworld to PlayStation 3
PlayStation 3 becomes a source of Pain
PS3's Stranglehold coming with Woo's Hard Boiled in HD
Sony announces SOCOM Confrontation for PS3
Warhawk back on Blu-ray, with beta and Bluetooth headset
Syphon Filter coming back to PSP with new features
In a 'Haze' of modern issues
Grimm news for GameTap and American McGee
ESA gets new boss, Mike Gallagher
Microsoft stands by their HD DVD man
Ignored island politician lumps V-Tech Rampage with GTA IV
PSP Store is 'long overdue,' Sony admits
Friendly free stuff reminder: Aegis Wing on XBLA
Warhawk beta starts next week, application up now
Rampage around the world today on PSN
Best Buy adds Common Sense ratings, but whose common sense?
Puzzle Fighter to be priced the same for Xbox Live, PSN
Pursuit Force dishing out Extreme Justice this Fall
Pawn shop law delays used game purchases
Microsoft booting modders off Xbox Live
April NPD: Nintendo dominates, industry sales up 20%
Eidos Montreal studio developing new Deus Ex

Rumors & Speculation
Analyst: PSP getting a 'hardware refresh' later this year

Culture & Community
Halo-wood Party: The Devil Wears Combat Boots
Forty years of video games: how are we doing?
PGR screenshot used to promote PS3 ... again
Halo 2 and Halo 3 comparison video

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