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GameTap's Lara Croft mega-site


If there's been any entity who has surprised us over the last year, it's GameTap. The online game service that started off as nothing more than a retro library repository is really turning into something completely different. Starting with Sam & Max, then URU, then their reinvention of sorts at the end of this month including a "free-to-play" service, topped by the leak of Grimm this morning, this isn't the GameTap we once knew. Their latest venture is a website fully dedicated to Lara Croft with a retrospective documentary and a conceptually amazing animated series beginning in July.

Although the 10 year retrospective documentary is definitely interesting, the thing that really catches our eye is the "Re\Visioned" series that starts in July. An animated series of shorts all featuring Lara Croft by artists and writers well known in the animation field. The first three episodes are by Peter Chung, best known for Aeon Flux and a segment in the Animatrix (although his credentials really do go on and on). All the shorts will be available to view for free on this GameTap Lara Croft site. After the Lara Croft series is done, GameTap will apparently do more characters as part of this Re\Visioned series. Even if they stick with Eidos' characters it'd be cool to see Hitman and Kane and Lynch, but they're apparently going in a completely different direction.

The website also includes a bunch of extra content like clips of all the models who have "been" Lara Croft, conversations with developers, sneak peeks at Tomb Raider: Anniversary (which will be "free" to GameTap subscribers on the same day it launches in stores) and just a mess of other stuff. Definitely worth checking out for behind-the-scenes geekery and if you're looking to get a feel for the franchise in a nutshell.

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