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Nintendo dominates April's NPD

Jason Wishnov

Remember the days when Nintendo's hardware was at a permanent and incredibly depressing third place in the sales charts, month after month? We sure can't; all this success has gone to our heads.

The April NPD numbers, tracking hardware and software sales in North America, were released recently and Nintendo once again obliterated the competition. The Nintendo DS and the Wii took the top two spots for the fourth month running, with 471,000 and 360,000 units sold, respectively. Both of these figures more than double their nearest competitors (PSP and the Xbox 360), and the PS3 could only move a paltry 82,000 units.

It's the same story in software. Nintendo took home the top four spots across all systems with the releases of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Super Paper Mario, along with the still oddly popular Wii Play. The Pokemon titles, of course, were only available for a single week in April, yet still captured the top spots with a combined 1.7 million units sold.

It just makes you all tingly inside, doesn't it? For the full hardware and software figures, click after the break.

Hardware Sales

DS - 471,000
Wii - 360,000
PS2 - 194,000
PSP - 183,000
360 - 174,000
GBA - 84,000
PS3 - 82,000
GameCube - 13,000

Software Sales

1. Pokemon Diamond (DS) - 1,045,000
2. Pokemon Pearl (DS) - 712,000
3. Super Paper Mario (Wii) - 352,000
4. Wii Play (Wii) - 249,000

5. Guitar Hero II (360) - 197,000
6. Guitar Hero II (PS2) - 142,000
7. Spider-Man 3 (360) - 117,000
8. Spider-Man 3 (PS2) - 105,000
9. God of War II (PS2) - 101,000
10. MLB 07: The Show (PS2) - 79,000

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