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HP ships bevy of 720 / 1080p LCDs, MediaSmart TV to follow suit

Darren Murph

We know January is but a distant memory in most minds, and if you can't recall HP's fairly stacked 2007 lineup of LCD HDTVs introduced during that time, you'll be getting a refresher course soon enough. Reportedly, the firm is now shipping a plethora of 720p sets including the 32-inch LC3272N ($899) and 37-inch LC3772N ($1,199) LCD HDTVs, which are launching alongside the 42-inch PL4272N ($1,399) and 50-inch PL5072N ($2,099) plasmas. More notable, however, is the shipment of HP's first 1080p displays, which consist of the 42-inch LC4276N ($1,899) and 47-inch LC4776N ($2,499). These sets will also include a trio of HDMI ports, PC inputs, concealed speakers, and "RS232C with WSD bridging capabilities for custom integrators." Furthermore, HP also announced that it hasn't forgotten about the forthcoming MediaSmart TV either, as those will be following suit "sometime this summer."

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