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Itagaki: putting Ninja Gaiden on PSP would upset fans

Ross Miller

Team Ninja founder Tomonobu Itagaki has always been known for commentary and behavior that, relative to most of the world, is pretty out there. His latest outlandish claim comes from an interview with GamePro where he explains why we'll likely not see a Sony PSP version of Ninja Gaiden.

Itagaki said that the design philosophy for the PSP is akin to that of a home console as opposed to, for example, the Nintendo DS' design as a portable platform. In that mindset, he said, the PSP's goal would be to replicate the home experience. The clincher: "I think if I were to develop this game [Dragon Sword for DS] on the PSP, most of my fans would be upset."

Using his same logic, consumers who buy the PSP want games that replicate the home console experience for play wherever they go. So no, we don't think fans would be upset if Itagaki gave them a Ninja Gaiden title that felt and played like its home console brethren -- it's exactly what they would want, in fact.

Dragon Sword, with its stylus-driven control scheme, is due out this Autumn.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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