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Samsung's "Sliq" concept handset by Yanko Design

Brian White

Samsung has been rolling out more handset models that we can count around here in its apparent quest to permanently overtake Motorola as the world's second-largest handset supplier. Samsung thin flips, sliders and bars are everywhere these days, and so are some of the company's concept handsets. Check out the Samsung Sliq, courtesy of Yanko Design. This Mike Serafin-designed concept with advanced touch interface and an extra wide LCD display is definitely "sliq." Without a physical keypad, the tactile interface here must be pretty darn slick, and the 2 megapixel cam jetting from the backside features a Schneider-Kreuznach lens to boot. Throw in a card slot, the obligatory MP3 player and a 10mm thickness (sans the cam lens) and we'd still like this phone immensely. The clincher? A set of glowing icons that disappear when not in use to reveal a completely black, futuristic 2001-ish monolithic black piece of, well, something very darn cool.

[Via slashphone]

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