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BlackBerry Mobile Voice System allows access to PBX


RIM's new BlackBerry Mobile Voice System is set to offer access to your office's PBX (IP, TDM or mixed vendor) from your BlackBerry handset. Connectivity to your PBX is achieved via the Acendent Voice Mobility Suite and additions to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server cleverly named BlackBerry Mobile Voice Connectors. There are a few dandy features under the hood such as the ability to place, receive and manage calls, extension dialing, and -- we think this is a great idea -- your Caller ID following you about, giving users of the system one number accessibility for customers and coworkers alike. What new system would be complete without a bit of big brother power? Well, the system includes the ability for calls to be recorded or logged for "service assurance" purposes. We will take the bad with the good, and the good here seems to definitely be the winner.

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