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callpod's Chargepod juices up six of your handheld gizmos

Darren Murph

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While there's a plethora of atypical options out there for charging up your gadgetry, oftentimes the need to charge up a number of items simultaneously leaves one frustrated by a lack of AC outlets or the brutal realization that you're cellphone charger is a thousand miles away. callpod's Chargepod isn't reinventing the charging wheel or anything, but its portable nature lends itself to the gadget-strapped road warrior who can leave six charging dongles plugged into the device itself and juice up half a dozen peripherals (presumably via USB) with a single power outlet. Notably, this rendition isn't designed to charge up laptops or your electric car, but the company does state that a second version is in the works to handle more demanding applications. The Chargepod can be snapped up now sans adapters for $49.95, and while this should be self-explanatory, feel free to click through for a demonstration if you're somehow still miffed.

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