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Onkyo teeters on HD DVD decision, ponders Blu-ray and combo player

Darren Murph

Although this certainly isn't the first retraction we've seen in regard to HD DVD support, it sounds like Onkyo could indeed be rethinking its decision to crank out a standalone player for the format this year. While the company seemed passably gung-ho about supporting HD DVD at this year's CES, a recent press conference at the outfit's headquarters injected some serious doubt. Reportedly, Keith Haas, director of sales, was quoted as saying that the company is currently "looking at both formats," and also added that it was trying to decide "whether to field either a standalone player or a multiple-format model." Of course, you won't hear any complaints from us about another hybrid HD DVD / Blu-ray unit hitting the shelves, and while this all remains up for debate presently, Onkyo is purportedly planning on entering the HD player market one way or another sometime "near the fourth quarter."

[Via E-Gear, thanks Dave]

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