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Podcast Rodeo for May 20: Ear's Johnny

Justin McElroy

This week at the P-Cast Ranch, game audio had to compete for ear time with the release of a new They Might Be Giants album. Was it tough to find the time? You bet. Was it worth it to help our beloved readers out? Yes, yes, 1,000 times, yes.

Downloadable Content: As many of you have pointed out, the Penny Arcade guys have taken much more regular breaks from earning mad coin to record their podcast. Here, Gabe does battle with V.Smile and (as near as we can tell) is defeated.

BGB Shout: Usually, if we're not already listening to a podcast, it's because it's crappy. So imagine our pleasure at finding this show, which features writers from the British Gaming Blog. They've got a really nice blend of enthusiasm and actually being entertaining. Plus, they're British, so they automatically sound like they know what they're talking about, which, in this episode, includes the difficulty of switching between Crackdown and Cooking Mama.

1UP Yours: On this hulking, two-and-a-half-hour cast, the men of 1UP Yours talk about why casual fans are intimidated by competitive online multiplayer games, and what can be done about the disparity between them and the hardcore. ProTip #1: Get fat pipes.

GFW Radio: In what we fear will be our final episode of GFW linkage, Jeff Green undoes his more than 70-year-long game journalism career by suggesting that Whiskey Nerd should not appear in every episode of the program. But don't worry, this dude's already on the case.

XPlatform: Dean Takahashi, N'Gai Croal, and our very own Kyle Orland oil wrestle reasonably debate the relative merits of the Xbox 360 Elite. If you steal just one argument to repost in M$ flamewar and claim as your own, it should probably come from this show.

OK, that's the end. As always, comment here to suggest a cast.

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