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The red-headed step-children of crafting

Amanda Rivera

Today I made my first two pieces of Shadowcloth. It's quite an accomplishment for my level 62 warlock, with the somewhat dangerous trek out to the Altar of Shadows. As I was feeling the roaring winds of the air elementals snap at my behind as I rode, I began to wonder if I shouldn't have chosen one of the other two paths instead.

It's a lot of work to jog on out to the Altar, and you take your life into your hands every time you do. Somehow the three disciplines seem somewhat uneven. Had I chosen Mooncloth tailoring, my travel time would include a small jaunt out to the Cenarian Refuge and a dip in the Moonwell.

I found the same imbalance when I chose my specialization in Alchemy. While my transuting friends got a simple collection quest, I got three trips to the Black Morass to collect essences off Rift Lords. These are the only two professions I have leveled enough to specialize in, unless you count Goblin Engineering, which really isn't in the same ball park at all. I am considering switching with patch 2.1 comes down the pike. I'm not so sure the Frostweave is worth the journey.

Why is it that the three specializations are so very different? Wouldn't it require the same amount of effort to make Shadowcloth as to make Primal Mooncloth? I understand the basis in lore, I am just curious why such a large variation in effort is required. Are you finding a discrepancy between your crafting specialization and the other paths you could have followed?

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