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Geometry Wars: Galaxies shooting for Wii, DS


Humanity's vendetta against simple (and notably evil) geometric shapes is set to continue its expansion beyond the humble beginnings as a bonus in Project Gotham Racing. Xbox Live Arcade, Vista and mobile phones now find themselves joined in the war by the Wii and DS, at least if the July issue of Nintendo Power is to be believed. A blurb in the magazine (via Buttonbasher) asserts that Geometry Wars: Galaxies will be arriving on both Nintendo platforms thanks to the efforts of "the dev team responsible for Battalion Wars."

That would imply the involvement of the UK's Kuju Entertainment, which is apparently hard at work grafting "an extensive single-player campaign" onto the game's frantic combat. Of course, we fully expect a gripping and operatic storyline to go with it, something along the lines of an intergalactic mathemagician attempting to tri-strangulate vital supply route coordinates. Alas, our expectations are oft set too high. A multiplayer mode and prior versions of Geometry Wars are also said to be included in both packages, expected to materialize this Fall.

It probably wouldn't be absurd to expect a new Geometry Wars game alongside Bizarre's Project Gotham Racing 4 either.

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