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Killzone popping in at Min-E3

Ross Miller

After a long period of darkness, new details on Killzone for PlayStation 3 will be revealed at E3 Media Summit, according to Peter Dille, senior vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment.

"Yeah. I think all the stuff [from Sony Gamers' Day] you can have playable at E3. And then the one we've been holding back on is Killzone, so it's a good reason for you to come to E3, because we'll have some updates on that," he said in an interview with Game Informer.

Killzone hasn't been seen publicly since its unveiling at E3 2005, but a trailer was shown behind closed doors at this year's Game Developers Conference. While we'd love to see a playable demo, our interpretation of "some updates" implies that what we'll get is a new trailer and maybe a release window.

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