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MotorStorm getting downloadable content pack in June


The first non-patch, downloadable content is set to rain down upon MotorStorm soon, though you'll have to pay for an umbrella in order to... err... look, we didn't really think this one through. The key information is that a new content pack for Sony's destructive dune derby will arrive on the PlayStation Network this June for an unknown price. And it's called "Coyote Weekend."

Eurogamer says the"Coyote Weekend" pack will contain three new groups of races, comprised of an altered Coyote Rage map and different car configurations for all existing tracks. A new vehicle will join the fray, as will an "Eliminator" multiplayer mode. If said mode involves losers being yanked off their bikes by rabid coyotes, we'd consider it money well spent. Sony should announce Coyote Weekend's price soon, along with some "light" download packs, presumably for those unable to bear the weight of microtransactions.

[Coyote word count: 5. A new Joystiq record!]

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