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Pursuit Force sequel allowing four players to jump onboard

Kevin Kelly

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One of the PSP games that we spent a little more time with than we should have at Sony's Gamers Day event last week was Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice. The game isn't leaps and bounds above the original title, but it's pretty addictive to jump onto each moving car and blast away at whatever you happen to be chasing. We're assuming that the "extreme" part in the title refers to the new four person multiplayer over ad hoc networks. There's 12 different vehicles in the new game, which should give everyone something to hop onto that suits their needs and / or desires.

No word yet on if you can hijack one of your fellow player's modes of transport or not, but we imagine there will be a fair share of leaping back and forth going on. Those Pursuit Force cops sure are agile ... not to mention pretty liberal with the whole "we need to borrow your car" thing.

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