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Save the cheerleader ... and your Xbox 360

Kevin Kelly

Save it from boring themes and user pictures, that is. If you've ever wanted to get your game on as Hiro Nakamura, Peter Petrelli, or Niki / Jessica, now you can ... although the results might make you wish you had Hiro's time-traveling powers so you could go back and correct that mistake.

While the blades are excellent photos of Tim Sale's paintings from the series, the artwork on the guide background can only be called craptastic. It's just a tiled version of that strange helix symbol in the show that pops up on everything from Niki's shoulder, to Hiro's sword. C'mon, in this day and age we're still getting tiles? With the season finale hitting airwaves tonight, we were hoping for more.

The picture pack contains a painting of Claire, the Heroes "eclipse" logo, the "exploding man" painting, and the helix yet again. This means you'll have to download future packs with more heroes in 'em, but we're waiting on Sylar for ours. Boom.

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