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The concept art of Starcraft II with musical accompaniment


Sure we made a handy-dandy gallery (seen below) of some of the Starcraft II goodness revealed over the weekend, but for those of you more audio/visual inclined here's a video. For all of you out there upset that the big announcement this weekend wasn't the Starcraft MMO, the inevitable Diablo 3 reveal or the Lost Viking first-person shooter -- buck up. There's still Min-E3 announcements and Blizzcon. Blizzard doesn't just have one thing in the pipeline currently. World of Warcraft money buys a lot of development ... a whole lot. Maybe Starcraft: Ghost might finally get taken off the purgatory list. Not a chance, but it's fun to dream what Blizzard can do with the ridiculous amounts of cash coming their way over the next few years.

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