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This Wednesday: Rush n' Attack blitzes XBLA with Xevious


Ahhh, the Cold War. Americans and Soviets locked in a nuclear and good for propaganda arms race. With mutually assured destruction the only outcome, we got games like Russian Attack. Oh, what? Rush 'n Attack? Was that really the name of it? Anyway, enjoy Rush 'n Attack this Wednesday along with Xevious at a 400 MS point ($5 US) cost each. Still the Cold War was kinda fun.

This week's XBLA offerings are retro games that influenced future titles. Rush 'n Attack, or Green Beret as it was also known, is an arcade action game that was the precursor to Metal Slug. Save the prisoners of war by yourself or with a friend online or off. Xevious is a shmup that is "100% arcade accurate reproduction ... for the first time anywhere." 1942, Ikaruga and all the other games in the shmup genre, meet one of your granddaddies.

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